Decor + Beyond will help you create a beautiful event and memories that you will cherish for years to come with the following products available for rent.


Napkins (Satin or Poly)

Napkin Wraps

Runners (Satin or Poly)

Overlays (Satin or Poly)

90" Square Poly Tablecloth

90" Round Poly Tablecloth

120" Round Poly Tablecloth

Colored Accent Linens

Tablecloths come in white, ivory, black, or brown.

For other colors, patterns, textures, or specialty material, please inquire.

Gala Table
Wedding Tables


Poly (with sash)

Satin (with sash)

Spandex (with sash)

Satin Self-Tie

Sashes (Satin or Organza)

We have TONS of options when it comes to chair covers. Our inventory is continuously growing so you are sure to find a color and style to fit your taste - and if you don't, we'll order what you're looking for! 

We also have different styles to tie the sashes depending on what style look you are going for. Our signature is the crisscross on the front of the chair; the plain tie is just pulled flat and tight around the chair for a clean look. There are options using a knot and/or bow with different length tails as well. We can work with you to figure out the exact look you're going for!


Centerpieces: Starting at $25.00 ea

Fabric Draping: Starting at $250.00 (pricing based on size/materials)


Round Paper Lanterns: 

   Up to 10: $50.00

   Up to 20: $135.00

   Up to 30: $200.00


Candy Jars:

   Up to 8 jars: $50.00

   Up to 15 jars: $75.00

   Add labels/ribbons: $2.00 per jar


Uplighting (up to 12 LED lights): $200.00


Mirrors: $3.50 ea


Charger Plates: $1.00 ea

Wedding Desserts


Card Boxes: Starting at $25.00 ea

(pricing is based on size/materials)

Tree of Life: $50.00 

   Upgrade with custom instruction card,

stamps, ink pads, and wipes $70.00

Frame: Inquire

Cake Toppers: Starting at $20.00 ea

(pricing is based on size/materials)